Aphonopelma belindae

Scientific Name: Aphonopelma belindae
Genus: Aphonopelma
Original Type Locality: Gualaca, Chiriqui province, Panam

This Aphonopelma species was recently discovered and identified (Source) near the Azuero Peninsula in Panama. As adults, this tarantula grows to be around 13cm to 14cm long. They are mostly dark brown, with a lighter brown on the carapace and a lovely ash-brown on their legs from the patella/knees to their tarsi/feet, which contrast nicely with their darker femurs.

They, like many other tarantula species, dig burrows in nature on inclined banks of hardened soil, which they will live in for many years. Giving this spider some nice deep substrate and a half-buried clay bot or piece of cork bark tubing to use as a starting burrow might be a good idea. Despite the fact that these are burrowing tarantulas, they are frequently seen outside of their enclosures, presumably because they feel safer and are never exposed to any real threats that would endanger them in the wild.

Take note that this is a jittery species that does not like to be disturbed and will react quickly or raise its legs in response to a potential threat. Although there have been no bite reports, their behavior suggests that excessive pestering could result in a painful bite.

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