Acanthoscurria natalensis

Scientific Name : Acanthoscurria natalensis
Genus: Acanthoscurria
Common Name: Natal Brown Birdeater
Original Type Locality: Brazil: Rio Grande do Norte; Natal.

The Natal Brown Bird Eater is a rare Brazilian tarantula known for its brilliant coloring. The rusty brown color of this species’ carapace contrasts beautifully with the caramel brown stripes running down its knees. Despite its reclusive nature, the ‘Natal Brown’ can be moderately aggressive, flinging its urticating hair if disturbed. If you want to pet them, you should only do so if you’re a seasoned hobbyist. However, if left alone, these species are unlikely to harm you. Rather than being defensive and fighting, they prefer to hide in their retreats.

Unlike many other Brazilian tarantulas, the ‘Natal Brown’ grows at a snail’s pace. They do, however, assume a good leg span. They’ll have a leg span of three to five inches in one to four years. Keep them at the proper temperature and feed them at least twice to thrice a week for best results.

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