Acanthoscurria insubtilis

Scientific Name : Acanthoscurria insubtilis
Genus: Acanthoscurria
Common Name: Bolivian black velvet
Original Type Locality: Bolivia – San-Mateo

The Bolivian Black Velvet is a docile tarantula that grows quickly. It’s best known for its friendly demeanor and striking appearance. Bolivian Black Velvet is typically chocolate brown in color. It has a cream-colored carapace with faint white stripes and white stripes on the legs.

Bolivian Black Velvet is native to Bolivia, as its name suggests. Because it is primarily terrestrial in nature, you’ll typically find it in rock crevices or inside their small, earthbound holes.

In most cases, the Bolivian Black is a domesticated species. If you plan to keep it as a pet, you’ll enjoy patting their abdomen every now and then. While it does bite from time to time, the venom is not poisonous. In addition, the bite will sting like a bee sting. In as little as a year, your pet Bolivian Black spider can grow to a leg span of four inches if kept in the right conditions (temperature and plenty of food).

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