Acanthoscurria chacoana

Adult Size: 17cm to 18cm
Type: New World, Terrestrial, Likes digging
Growth Rate: Fast
Temperament: Docile but bold.
Lifespan: Females (18 to 20 years) | Males (3 to 4 years)
Origin: Bolivia

Acanthoscurria chacoana, like Acanthoscurria geniculata, becomes more assertive as it grows in size, reaching a maximum size of 18cm (7.5 inches). They make excellent display animals because they are at ease sitting in the open and are not afraid to defend themselves. They have the same appearance as other Red Rumps, but the light white patterns on their legs contrast beautifully with the dark legs, carapace, and red fuzzy abdomen.

They’re not easily scared, and bothering them is like starting a fight with a thug; it’d rather attack what’s bothering it than flick urticating hairs. Also, keep an eye out at all times because this species enjoys eating and will pounce on anything nearby with frantic feeding responses, and you don’t want its 1.5cm long fangs to catch your finger.

Because Acanthoscurria chacoana digs, a little extra substrate wouldn’t hurt. This does not imply that they are fossorial or burrowers, but they do utilize a good burrow for shelter. They’re also quite strong; in fact, to prevent escape, make sure your enclosure closes and latches properly. They’re a very rewarding new world species to own, similar to Acanthoscurria geniculata, because they’re always active, voracious eaters, and grow relatively quickly for their size.

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