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What is Arachnium?

Arachnium is a place for people that are into tarantulas, true spiders, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, and to keep the list short, then it's a place for people that like arachnids, Arthropoda and other animals in that genre!

We will be sharing articles on our blog, and help the community to stay up to date with all pieces of information as well as helping people find the right tarantula for them and answer any possible questions you may have.

Current Planned Features:
- Adding a Knowledge Base (Informations will be added daily)
  - All Species of Tarantulas
    - Care Information (Species Specific)
    - Care Tips for Beginners (Generalised)
    - Picture of the Species habitat (For easier replication)
    - Categories ranging from a "Beginner" to an "Expert" (Difficulty to Keep)

Changelog (18/06/2021)
Knowledge Base:
  Genus Added (Information to be added):
  - Acentropelma
  - Annandaliella
  - Anoploscelus
  - Aphonopelma

Changelog (16/06/2021)
Question/Answer System:
- Ask Questions to other registered users
- Answer Questions from other registered users
- Profile Page ADDED!

Login/Register System:
- Register on the site
- Login to the site

Features List:
- Instagram Feed
- Blog
- Knowledge Base
- Question/Answer System

Changelog (15/06/2021)
Knowledge Base:
- Added Categories
  - Added Icons

Changelog (14/06-2021)
- Added the ability to see what changes happens on the site.
- Added a Contact Form

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